Recent News

  • Got a meeting? Take a walk!

    We're sitting, on average, 9.3 hours per day and research shows that inactivity is harmful to our health. So what can we do if our profession or academic careers have us sitting most of the day? As Nilofer Merchant says in this short TED talk, consider taking a walk for your next meeting or phone call. Activity not only helps your physical health, it can also help increase creativity and problem solving skills. 

  • Capstone Students Create Food Waste Cookbook

    Students in Environmental Studies capstone course created a recipe book to help people cook with food scraps and leftovers. The cookbook includes 50 recipes and features practical tips to reduce food waste in the kitchen. Learn more. 

  • Women's Health Week

    Join the National Women's Health Week celebration and learn what you can do to lead a healthier life at any age. Many of the recommended screenings require no copayment or coinsurance if it is billed as a preventive service. Contact your health plan or health care provider for information on scheduling a visit specific to no cost preventive services, or a Well-Woman Visit.

  • Do You Know What Mental Illness Feels Like?

    We often hear the clinical terms used by doctors and other professionals to identify the symptoms of mental illnesses...but if someone hasn't gone through it, would they know how to recognize it? 

  • April 23 - 30 is Money Smart Week

    This public awareness campaign is designed to help consumers better manager their personal finances. Programming is offered to all demographics and income levels and covers all facets of personal finance. Visit the website to access resources and events near you.