About UWell!

Date: November 14, 2012

UWell is a campus initiative promoting the overall wellness of the University of Wisconsin Madison campus community.  Although wellness is a broad term that can have a different meaning to each individual,  UWell has defined it as an active process of becoming aware and making active choices toward a successful way of being.  This definition is based off of seven interacting dimensions of health and wellness which include; physical wellness, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, community wellness, work -school wellness, financial wellness, and environmental wellness.  The goal of the UWell website is to place all existing campus resources, including services, and programs that have a wellness objective, together in one online location so as to be a central resource for such information for the campus community.  Resource information from non-campus organizations that have national recognition for promoting wellness is also available.



UWell advances the health and well-being of the entire UW-Madison community.  We accomplish this through a collaborative effort to create an atmosphere of individual and organizational wellness. 



The UWell Initiative at UW-Madison creates a framework to advance the health and well-being of the entire University of Wisconsin-Madison community.  This initiative distinguishes itself from other programs at UW-Madison and at other university/college environments in that the primary audience is all student, staff, faculty and dependents at UW-Madison (rather than separate programs for each group).


Initiative Goals

The overarching goals for the initiative (beyond the purpose of improving health and well-being):

  1. Create a coordinated network of opportunities for students, staff, faculty and dependents
  2. Coordinate existing efforts to provide greater visibility and access
  3. Create a consolidated “place” for people to see options (Web presence)
  4. Create opportunities for cross-unit programming throughout campus
  5. Provide comprehensive campus communications which promote wellness and wellness activities



The UWell Initiative represents a collaborative, UW-Madison community-wide effort to improve the health and well-being of students, staff, faculty and their families by creating an environment which is conducive to health and wellness.  The philosophy of the initiative leadership is to better align existing resources and programs, rather than creating new programs and services. 

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