Get the Most out of Your Spring Break this Year!

For some of us, spring break can be a much-needed reward for surviving the dreariness of January and February.  It can be treated as a quick relaxation pit stop, an opportunity to play catch up, or a way to reconnect with others.  Whether you’re staying or going, check out some of these tips to get the most out of your spring break.


Try new things.

New experiences can enrich our lives. You can eat at a McDonald’s anywhere in the world so why settle for that? If you’re traveling, look for new places and foods to sample in the area you’re vacationing in. Staying closer to home? Try a different restaurant or sign up for a new activity with a friend.


Explore Wisconsin.

Although many of you might be wishing for a sandy beach and palm trees, don’t overlook what Wisconsin has to offer: Great Lakes, hiking trails, museums, and more. A great place to start is don’t even have to leave Madison to find an array of fun things to do.


Find to time to recharge.

  Many of us are so used to the go-go-go of today’s culture that we take this mindset with us during our downtime. Don’t race from place to place—stop and savor the moment.  Find quiet time for yourself to relax and refresh your mind and body. 



Do something good in your community and help volunteer at a local organization. Though it’s obvious that volunteering benefits those around you, it has also been shown to have a positive effect on your own physical and mental health. The Morgridge Center for Public Service has great resources for students, faculty, and staff.


Get active!

Spring break is a great time to try new activities to boost your fitness. Have you been thinking about trying yoga or a spin class? Sign up for a class and give it a shot. Traveling? Try hiking, surfing, snowboarding, or any other fitness adventure (location dependent of course!).


Clean it out.

Ok, we know, spring cleaning/organizing might not be at the top of your “spring break to-do list” but it’s a great time to tackle closets, fridges, and other areas.  Need a change? Try reorganizing your furniture or new decorating ideas.



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