Summer Swim Safety

Before you take your first splash into Lake Mendota this summer, take a moment to reflect on these two Simple Minds songs to keep yourself healthy and having fun on and in the water.

Alive and Kicking

Swimming sober during the day with others in designated areas near the shore seems like common sense, and yet every year swimmers in University Bay incur injury related to these implied hazards and others including high weeds, boating traffic, and shoreline construction.

Checking current conditions and water quality can help you decide whether it’s safe to go in the water.  When it’s cold, stay out and keep others dry to prevent hypothermia.  When it’s warm, avoid blue green algae affecting respiratory, skin, abdominal, and other symptoms.  If you do experience blue green algae exposure or ingestion, seek medical care and report your illness to help improve the health of all community members.

Sanctify Yourself

Being mindful of our lake environment and our own abilities is central to making safe decisions in any situation around the water.  If you’re interested in improving your aquatics skills, check out Recreational Sports Aquatics for swimming lessons, scuba diving, and Red Cross certification classes.  And keep on humming these tunes while enjoying our beautiful lakes this summer.



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