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The theme for the first ever UW-Madison Wellness Symposium is "Wellness Now: Being Our Best Selves in the Current Moment." It is open to faculty/staff AND students who are looking to care for themselves in the midst of their everyday lives.

The event will be on Wednesday, October 28 from 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. at Union South.

Schedule of Events:

8:30  Welcome

8:45  Keynote - "Well-Being Here and Now"

Join Dr. Shilagh Mirgain a UW Health Sport and Health Psychologist recently featured on the TODAY show in this experiential workshop. As we are surrounded by stress and the pressure to succeed, it can be easy to start simply surviving and disconnecting from your passions and purpose.  Drawing from mindfulness and mind-body medicine, this experiential workshop will teach you skills and simple practices to cultivate greater well-being and happiness. You'll gain insight into how to nurture yourself, build greater confidence, and stay resilient so you can truly thrive in your life.

10:00 Breakout Session #1


11:00 Breakout Session #2


12:00 Lunch Program - "Promoting a Culture of Wellness at UW-Madison: Experiences and Perspectives"


1:10   Breakout Session #3

Experts across campus will address the seven interconnected dimensions of wellness during the breakout sessions. More details here.


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