Wellness Symposium Keynote and Breakout Sessions!

Our 2nd Annual UW-Madison Wellness Symposium is on Tuesday, November 15 at Union South. The theme is Wellness Now: Being Our Best Selves in the Current Moment.

Learn more about the Morning Keynote with Gabe Javier, titled Inclusive Wellness where different "practices acknowledge that wellness should intersect with universal design and cultural competency" and view the schedule of events and breakout session descriptions.

Breakout sessions will include time for attendees to:

  1. Learn information, services, or skills.
  2. Activity engage and/or practice wellness-related tools, techniques or behaviors.
  3. Intentionally consider and plan how they will integrate what they've learned into their lives.

If you have any questions, please email us at uwell@uc.wisc.edu.

View the Event Program for a condensed schedule of events for the day.

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