Get involved!


Getting involved in student organizations is a great way to support your social wellness! There are a lot of student organizations that support all dimensions of wellness on campus. The Center for Leadership and Involvement helps students get connected with organizations on campus. If you head over to the WIN page, you can look at organizations by category or search for organizations pertaining to your interests. You can also check out YOU@Wisc to build resilience within students and foster campus connections.

Faculty and Staff

To facilitate the well-being and resiliency of employees and optimize the well-being of the UW-Madison community we encourage you to join our Workplace Wellness Community of Practice. Make connections and build relationships with others who share a similar interest—employee wellness! Learn from each other, share ideas, and gather new resources. Check the Office of Talent Management catalog to register for the next group meeting.


There are a number of campus events that support wellness. Head over to to get a full list of campus events. Or, you can check out our events page, which is highlighting events related to wellness!

Bucky Badger works out at Camp Randall with UW students