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For Parents and Guardians

Wellness Events on Campus:

  • September
    • September 29
      Back2School Broke BingoPart of the Transfer Transition Program Broke Bingo series, where you can win all the things you need but don’t want to buy – toilet paper, dish soap, notecards, coffee maker, those fine-point sharpie markers that make every study guide beautiful!6:45 PM, Varsity Hall, Union South
  • October

University Health Services at UW-Madison is one of the best student health centers in the country. This is a clinic where students can go to receive many medical and mental health services at no cost. Included in the no cost services are primary care visits, vaccinations, sexual health, physical therapy and more. Additionally, mental health visits including individual counseling, group counseling, stress management, and psychiatry services are provided at no cost to students. If students need more services that are not offered at no cost by University Health Services, the Student Health Insurance Plan, or SHIP, is available. This will cover almost all services at University Health Services with no additional cost.

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Wellness Resources

Career and Academic Wellness

is a major part of any college student’s life. They are often in class or studying for the majority of their day and it’s important for student to learn to balance their course with with part time jobs, extracurricular activities, and social events.

Center for the First Year Experience
Greater University Tutoring Service
Career Exploration Center

Emotional Wellness

is the awareness of your emotions and how they affect you. Managing stress is crucial for your student’s success in school. High stress levels can affect all aspects of their life, so having resources and knowledge to combat that is important. Parents and other family members can be important resources for students struggling with their emotional wellness, so we want to give you some resources to help them in the best way possible.

UHS Wellness Services
Dean of Students Office
Victim Advocacy

Environmental Wellness

is about more than just reuse, reduce, recycle. Understanding your surroundings and being comfortable in them can be difficult during the transition to college, but there are resources to help your student find a second home here in Madison. UW-Madison does care strongly about the campus environment, and the Office of Sustainability as well as the Sustainability Committee of the Associated Students of Madison works hard to ensure we are doing our part to keep Madison clean and green.

Office of Sustainability
Outdoor UW
Winter Weather Tips

Physical Wellness

is all about keeping the body healthy. Exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough sleep are all important for physical wellness, but can be difficult for college students. Having parents and family that encourage and help students keep up a healthy lifestyle can make all the difference.

Recreational Sports
Getting Better Sleep
Eating Well at the Dining Halls

Financial Wellness

involves having strong plans for financial security. Oftentimes, students’ first experience making their own budget is when they get to college. On top of that, they are paying for tuition, books, and rent which many have not experienced before. UW is committed to ensuring your student has adequate resources and information about how to balance their budget while at school. Additionally, we want to make sure you understand what the options are for your student and how you can help them.

Office of Student Financial Aid
Federal Direct Parent Plus Loan

Social Wellness

encompasses social relationships and community building. Moving to college can be a scary time for many students as they may know no to few others in Madison. Making new friends and building a network is fun, but can be a daunting task at first. The university is a large place, but there are many ways to make it feel smaller and find a supportive and caring social circle.

Center for Leadership and Involvement
Multicultural Student Center
Student Organization List 

Spiritual Wellness

is about staying true to yourself and having a mindful and purposeful life. Finding your purpose can be difficult, but coming to college is a perfect time for your student to embark on this journey.

Spiritual Student Organizations