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Wellness is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Wellness, as we define it here, has seven dimensions: career and academic, financial, physical, social, environmental, spiritual, and emotional. Each dimension has it’s own effect on whole body health, but they all overlap a bit too. Wellness is not the absence of illness, stress, or fatigue, but rather the journey towards your healthiest self. 

7 Dimensions of Wellness

Career and academic wellness is management of our work or school lives while developing skills and moving closer to achieving our goals in a healthy way. In college, many people define a large part of their identity, by their academics.

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Financial wellness is minimal stress due to personal finances and a strong foundation that may include plans to pay back debt, saving for emergencies, and living within or below your means. If you are experiencing financial stress, you aren't alone.

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Physical wellness is taking care of our bodies in our everyday lives. Even though optimal health is different for everyone, there are healthy habits we can all use to achieve our best selves. This includes sleeping well, eating well, and exercising.

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Social wellness includes building supportive and caring social relationships that contribute to a healthy community and support your individual successes. It's important to be yourself, diversify your social circle, and engage in your community.

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Environmental wellness is taking care of the setting in which you work, study and play and realizing how these settings affect you. It's important to understand your impact on the earth and work toward a symbiotic relationship with your environment.

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Spiritual wellness is focused on subjective experiences and psychological growth that encourages meaningful acts and experiences. Spirituality can be found through many avenues. Stay true to your own beliefs, and stay open minded towards others'.

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Emotional wellness is the awareness of your emotions and how they are affecting your mood. Having an understanding of our emotions, how they are triggered, and how we are effected by them is a crucial part of maintaining optimum emotional wellness.

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